Considering Meta-Time

April 6, 2008

I don’t know how much of you have tried the London Eye. When you are going up, it’s kind of slow, but once you’ve reached the zenith and coming down, it’s pretty faster than what you can realize. Well, I guess in the wheel of history we are trapped in that speedy side of the wheel. Our notion of time and space has changed since we’ve reached the zenith of our history: 9/11. Have any of you had enough time to figure out what is happening since then: The War on Afghanistan, Palestinian Intifada, The War on Iraq, Iran nuclear game, The Tsunami, Katrina, The Cedar Revolution… Even analysts and political scientists can not pursue the events with the necessary depth, as they are them selves being taken by the flow of never-ending new events. Where are we in History? That’s a question I want to ask.

I believe Time is elastic. However, some states keep fighting over space and drawing imaginary lines and “national boundaries”. Hey dear states of the earth wake up! Fighting over land is a post-colonial matter, not to say a medieval issue. Some other states fight over identity: Kurds, Amazigh, Aboriginals, Gays, and Women… All want rights and space where to practice these rights. Hey dear communities of the earth wake up! Fighting over recognition is a twentieth century thing. I see no groups seriously fighting over time! Does the US have power over time? NO. So it’s not the twenty-first century first power in any way.

As a graduate student in International Relations, I find nowhere a theory dealing with strategic time management in International Relations, or at least, a Time-Space theory other than the old-fashion geopolitics of Uncle Kissinger.

As a passenger of that speedy wheel, I seriously consider what would be waiting for me once down when the tour would be finished. Are we heading towards the Holy Scriptures’ apocalypse or Kaplan’s disaster or something else? Anyway, it seems to be the end of an era, or an eon as would say some, in the universe.

I’m not a prophet, and not even a proper researcher. I’m just like birds sensing the upheaval when it’s near. Then, I would just like to ask real specialists to stop analyzing the means (oil, nuclear power, military, water…), or the events or even the personalities of the leaders, because “there is no logic to human behavior” as thought me Dr. Kalpakian. Maybe it’s more efficient to start looking at the wider picture, while drawing on physics for instance, and studying Meta-Time. Our real future enemy can’t be defeated with soft or hard power it’s beyond that. It’s up to you to figure out how to beat it. It’s Time.


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  1. As an American teacher with a specialty in Geography, I would like to inform you that Europe traditionally ends at the summit of the Ural mountains, and at the western edge of the Caspian Sea.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

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