Wisdom Of A Star

April 6, 2008

[Stars are not only nice spots of light which decorate heaven, it’s also a secret map written in the dark mysterious skies to guide some blessed people to absolute wisdom. This text has been taken from a letter I wrote to one of my best friends]

Let me explain to you how I see life in the language of stars. A star is a very shiny & lovely creature made of pure energy. When a star dies there are three kinds of death that may happen to it. It can die and become a Cold Star, just a big rock passive with no activity or energy. For me Cold Stars are like human beings who choose to live passive and die passive. Second way a star can die is by becoming a Black Hole out of time and space, eating every thing that passes by and destroying other celestial creatures. This kind of stars is like people who live by destroying the life of other people, they make others suffer to hide their own sufferance. The third kind of death a star can end in is what we call a Supernova. A Supernova is a huge explosion of a star it’s very beautiful, and by exploding the parts of the dead star start turning in a regular Orbit and form a new little stars and planets where life can appear. Our Solar System is a result of a big Supernova. It means that with its death, a star can give birth to new things. In my opinion, Sohrawardi, Ibnu Sina, Descartes, Shakespeare and many others, were all stars which ended as Supernovas, as their ideas never died and gave birth to eternal masterpieces. I want to end my life as a proud star in a huge Supernova, and leave a good part of me to future generations when will say goodbye to this life… Inshaallah I’ll do!

When I was a little girl I used to watch that big shiny twinkling star, the Polar Star. I looked around me but can find nobody who matches its perfection. Jean Paul Sartre, Camus, cartoon heroes, school teachers… None of them deserves my admiration like my Polar Star, which is the incarnation of perfection from a creature perspective; calm, wise, high, proud, burning with energy, illuminating the sky with its amazing beauty… So I want to because like my star. When I’ve grown up, I discovered that humans can’t touch stars. That most humans are too busy with material things that they forget to look at the stars and learn from its wisdom. I also discovered that because of the distance maybe my star is already dead, and that the spot of light I perceive in the dark is just the light of it which travelled throughout heavens to feed my dreams. Yet, I’ll never lose hope and still plan to go to that star which once guided sailors to the north. Dead or alive, my star taught me many lessons in life. It didn’t guide me to geographical North, but to the North of spiritual geography of souls.


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