The Communist Minister of the his Majesty

April 8, 2008

The Moroccan Minister of Social Welfare Nezha Squalli is taking off her politically-correct face and unveiling her hardcore communist face. In fact Nezha Squalli shamelessly asked for the banishment of the call for prayer of Al Fajr, because she claims that it is disturbing the wellbeing of the foreign tourists during their exotic staying in Morocco.

Well, I would just remind Madame Squalli, that she belongs to a government of an Islamic country and she is “for the moment” the Minister of Amir Al Mu’minin the Prince of the Faithful. Therefore, asking the Minister of Islamic Affairs Ahmed Ataoufik to find a legal way to ban the call of prayer not to disturb tourists is an insult to the high symbols of this nation. Furthermore, the tourists coming to Morocco are supposed to respect the local customs, as Moroccans would do for the Bell rings in Christian countries.

Maybe the Minister, who was a militant of the Moroccan Communist Party, still believes deep-inside that “Religion is the Opium of the People”. Yet, the outrageous thing about this story is that the PPS, the Party of Progress and Socialism is defending their Minister and calling the Press to stop judging Nezha Squalli. For their pat the Islamist movements inside Morocco as well as the more traditionalist streams of the Moroccan Civil Society are calling the Minister to submit her resignation as soon as possible, because she don’t represent the Moroccan population.

From My side I would kindly advice our dear Minister to look to her face in the mirror and ask herself who is she? Since, if a Minister in the government of his Majesty still struggles with her religious identity how can she be an example for the rising generations?



  1. je pense que ta conclusion manque un peu de profondeur. je pense.

  2. I’m afraid you aren’t aware that Christian countries DON’T ring the bell, as it is illegal to “disturb the peace.” The only exception might be on Sunday morning (late, like between 10 AM or 12 Noon) for ONE service.

    I hardly think this minister is insulting her country. But you are right that tourists of ANY nation should respect the customs of the places they visit. I think this minister is just trying to do all she can to encourage tourism so as to help the economics in Morocco.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

  3. I believe that to improve/encourage tourism in Morocco, there should be a focus on more meaningful means, such as a better infrastructure, reduction of beggars roaming the streets, elimination/reduction of corruption, and accountability for all (among many others). Nezha simply screwed up!

  4. How about hard working people,kids,babies,pregnants and olds,do they prefer to live by train stations ? Let’s face it, there was no speaker before and we have to use now just to be loud ?

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