A Picture of Mohamed, Ahmed, Hosni, Hassan or Hussein

January 26, 2011

Black and White Picture:

When you were born in the late 70s and early 80s there was a black and white picture hang in the birth registration office. The picture represents a thin man with a military suite. That man’s name is n. He claims that he united the country, that he has beaten the enemy, that he will reform all the legislative and executive powers of the state, and that he is your hero.

Sepia Picture:

You start going to school and there is a sepia picture of Mohamed, Ahmed, Hosni, Hassan or Hussein, but this time he is wearing a modern suite and Rayban glasses. He became friend with the so called ‘’enemy’’, he ‘’united’’ the country around values of corruption, dependency and fraud, he did many reforms at the legislative and executive powers of the state to allow his family member, military friends and foreign investors to dominate the politics and the economy, and to allow himself to remain in his golden chair for long time, and he is still claiming himself your ‘’hero’’.

Coloured Picture:

Things get hard for you, you live your first love stories and have the features of a real woman/man by now and you go to the university. In the conference hall there is a well situated picture of Mohamed, Ahmed, Hosni, Hassan or Hussein. The picture is in colours, but he seems getting fat while the shopping purse of your family is getting small. Your former enemy is now called the potential investor and tourist, the country is very united except when there are ethnic, religious, ideological or tribal tensions, which happens more and more often. Reforms are doing ‘’great’’, the telecommunications, water, electricity, tobacco, gaz, cement, and even sewage and your wastes are privatized to foreign companies. You start looking in history, philosophy books, and Indian movies and even in football player for someone you can call a hero.

Photoshoped Picture:

Maturity is not easy to face when you have a miserable job which destroys your self esteem every day, when you start avoiding your girl friend’s questions because you have empty pockets and a heart full of dreams that will not satisfy you daily needs as a couple. You walk in the streets thinking about a solution, and on the corner there is a banner with a huge picture of Mohamed, Ahmed, Hosni, Hassan or Hussein. The picture is photoshoped in order to reduce his belly and to give a lifting to his old face. You examine yourself with your hand, and you start thinking that you would use of some photoshop magical touches too. You receive a notification on your Gmail from your Facebook on your Blackberry about a demonstration. You change your Profile picture, push the Like button, update your status and send a message to your friends on BBM. After all, he is maybe a real hero. We are having a pretty good life! Why we always compare ourselves to other countries? We are a Special case!

Burned Picture:

You roll a join of hash or go to the mosque to reach a status of peace and forget that your girlfriend married an engineer in Kuwait, that your parents are getting old and tired, that Mody the son-in-law of the manager got the promotion you were dreaming of,. In the street there is a growing noise of young people like you shouting. You follow the voice and found a burned picture of Mohamed, Ahmed, Hosni, Hassan or Hussein. The demonstrations are calling for real reforms for withdrawing the man in the picture and for some dignity for people like you and me. You belong to a generation that never thought revolutions really exist, that they are just old people’s tales, that you will live and die and leave Mohamed, Ahmed, Hosni, Hassan or Hussein as a heritage for your kids. Well, in the name of all this generation who has been digging and digging with our broken fingers, scratching and scratching with our weakened pens, kicking and kicking with our tired legs… now we can see some light at the end of the tunnel and the Hero who made it happen can be called YOU if you help us digging!


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