Revolution Made in Morocco

February 21, 2011

I am someone who is pro Feb20 movement, who thinks my country deserves dignity and real structural reforms and that it is a real revolution to see the Moroccan youth reinvesting the political sphere. Yet, it is very important at this level to do some self-criticism and to give some explanations about the standard Moroccan attitude in politics, life and in demonstrations. You may consider this an auto-flagellation of a Moroccan young person who dreams of change.

Enjoy the Moroccan 20 wonders:

1 – In other countries people set themselves on fire if angry, in Morocco we set other people on fire

2 – In other countries police oppress the citizens,  in Morocco citizens oppress the police

3 – 30.000 people want to change the constitution, 30 million Moroccan never read the constitution

4 – in other countries the leaders of demonstrators get kidnapped and beaten, in morocco we took Rachid Spirit Zata to a 5 stars hotel and bought him a new shirt to meet foreign Media

‎5 – in other countries when they finish the demonstrations they camp in the square, in Morocco we go to a bar for the after party

6 – in other countries they form a human chain to protect the goods, in Morocco we formed a human chain so thugs can steal freely the goods from Zara and Guess

7 – in other countries the enemy is the police or the army, in Morocco the enemy in Mr. Ronald Mc Donald

‎8 – in other countries the national media didn’t cover the events, in Morocco the national media covered everything as if it was a football match of the national team and they even invited bloggers, sportsmen and singers to react

9 – in other countries the regime pays thugs and mercenaries to destroy the country, in Morocco the thugs volunteer to destroy and even pay for their own transportation fees from their countryside

10 – in other countries they demonstrate because they couldn’t find a job, in Morocco we demonstrate because we don’t want to pass the entrance exam of the jobs the state offers us

11- in other countries they hate the political parties so they fire them, in Morocco we hate the political parties so we want to take the executive power from the king and give it to them

12 – in other countries people go vote and the results are falsified,  in Morocco we don’t go vote the results are not falsified but we still contest them just because we don’t like them

13 – in other countries the authorities use water cannons to calm down the crowd, in Morocco God sent us the rains to calm us down

14 – in other countries the authorities deny the existence of any conflict, in Morocco the authorities used facebook, twitter, press conferences and meetings with the demonstrators but we still can’t understand each other

15 – in other countries parliament members don’t participate in demonstrations, in Morocco some parliament members participate in demonstrations Sunday but don’t go to their office Monday

16 – in other countries they are calling for investigating the human right crimes and to engage in human development, in Morocco it has been 12 years that we are doing reconciliation and human development  but no one seems to be seeing it

17 – in other countries the freedom of press is oppressed and they call for more openness, in Morocco some journalists are unethical and still call for their right to practice defamation against public figures freely

18 – in other countries they demonstrate and then clean up the streets from the mess, in Morocco they demonstrate and make it even more messy on purpose to give more job to the street cleaners

19 – in other countries they don’t let foreign media cover the events, in Morocco foreign media don’t have anything sensational to cover so they invent fake news and footage

20 – in other countries there is quite a unanimity about the desire to withdraw the regime, in Morocco without referendum, unanimity or elections, 30.000 decided on behalf of 30 million that Morocco should be a secular parliamentary monarchy, and still call themselves democrats !



  1. Sarah, hate to break it for you.
    But you’re not an arab, it is something else if you pretend to be one. Moroccans are simply not arab, but just a mix of African and Berber.

    • yes i agree that in terms of race, language we are not but i am talking about constructing a geopolitical construction where we can fit and from which we can negotiate with our partners. I think that none of egypt, tunisia, libya are arabs and they aready know it but we are fed up from undergoing the neighborhood policy of the european union. even the european union itself don’t exist as a race or as a language but they constructed something where everyone can fit while keeping his national specificities. if it is the word arab that you don’t like we can call it something else! north africa or maghreb or whatever! the important is to break the stigma that says we are the south of someone else! come on the planet is round and we are the south of no one 🙂 hope i answered

      • Hey 🙂 That was one of a harsh commentary you answered too.

        Instead of pointing pointless racial distinctions, all I can see in this article is pure genius 🙂

        Thank you, Sarah, for this magnificent summary of the ’20FEB’ buzz!

        You’ve just stated all what I was repeating all the way long, but with that little plus that make things easier to accept: humor! 🙂

  2. bravo sarah

    please translate this article to arab and frenche
    thank you

  3. Stop betraying your own country , don’t you have any dignity at all ? beside , it is all lies , so please , if you have to throw lies out of your mouth , don’t do that over my country , try getting yourself some home spirit, and stop being such a dishonest person and also a traitor …

  4. je ne suis pas avec les manifestations de 20 février, je suis un jeune marocain
    je connais le maroc ainsi les marocains, je suis toujours avec le système actuel parce que le développement de notre pays n’a jamais était comme maintenant
    on es pas comme l’Egypte ou la Tunisie, je suis libre dans mon pays je sort comme je veux, je part a la mosquée sans contrôle sur mes pensés, les problème vécu par les marocains sont les memes de ceux qui vivent au USA ou en france
    le point qu’on devrais rectifier c’est que les jeunes font des formations de qualité et doivent etre au niveau en meme temps!!,pas comme ceux qui manifestent devant le parlement durant des années pour travailler au public,on a beaucoup de solutions,si quelqu’un parmis eux avait vraiment les compétences pour travailler,il ya plusieurs entreprises privé qui recrute chaque jours (voir les annonces dans les journaux et les site web ,aussi il faut que les jeunes s’imposent sur la participation dans les elections pour ne pas laisser l’occasion aux voleurs.
    et je reste toujours sous le slogan DIEU,PAYS,ROI

  5. Very useful Article !!!

  6. Pas très réussi Sarah, ton autre billet était mieux ficelé et écrit avec les tripes. Sois plus indulgente avec tes compatriotes, ils ne font que commencer, et puis n’oublie pas qu’ils reviennent de loin, n’est ce pas? Regarde a coté, chez nos voisins immédiats de l’est les gens n’arrivent meme pas a etre assez nombreux pr organiser une manif

  7. I think your article is a good summary of what many Moroccan people think. I personally don’t agree with calling it a “revolution”; it was more a demonstration of a will of an early evolution. But some things you’ve stated are a result of generalizing and exaggerating what actually occurs -on both Moroccan and other territories, revolution in Egypt and Tunisia wasn’t that “perfect” either!

    1-Some Moroccan people have burnt themselves, it is a terrible fact which we don’t have to ignore. More people have died by the hand of demonstrators in other countries than in Morocco -and I’m sure you know it, too.

    3-It is no wonder that 30 millions of Moroccans haven’t read the constitution, not only because of the 50% of illiteracy but also because we all know that in most cases nobody follows the rules.

    4-I am against speaking about a “leader” of the demonstrations in Morocco.

    5-Camping in the square wouldn’t have been legal.

    6-You know the thugs and thieves were not part of the F-20 movement, they were just a prove of the poverty and ignorance of a big part of our population.

    8-When I came back from demonstrations on F-20, I turned on the TV to see what was going on Moroccan channels: I saw Egyptian and Turkish series.
    Media only started covering the events the next day.

    9-Who knows what really happened in Morocco? Can you prove that none of the thugs were manipulated by “the regime”. -I’m not saying that this is what actually happened*

    10-It is true that many Moroccan people absurdly complain about the entrance exams but none of them demonstrated because of that.

    11-I totally agree with this point!

    12-The problem in Morocco is that people with no studies and with no idea of politics are able to vote, they don’t know the purpose of voting – remember that the government enabled a pictures-system for that -, therefore it is simple for politicians to buy their votes or to confuse them -My grandma’s assistant once voted for the “tihad sh’tiraki” because she found the rose beautiful, and someone else argued that to vote you had to cross the picture of the things you wanted to earn.


    14-I don’t have any info to comment, although I’m a bit sceptical about what you wrote. It’s too complicated to be summarized in a single line!

    15-sad but true; this is something which has to be changed.

    16-There’s still a long road. Conformism is a huge enemy of evolution.

    17-There’s a lot of censure in Morocco!

    19-True, but this is something positive. Foreign media will ALWAYS invent fake news, what is .

    Asides that, many people in Morocco take benefits from the nearly anarchical situation and are therefore against the 20-F; others are kind of obsessed with the idea that requiring changes means we don’t like our king.

  8. Dear Sarah, could you please visit, “like”, and make your friends “like” our new born page!

  9. youth should have a main role in political life

  10. mass media and the internet have played a very important role in shaping youth’s trends iloooooooooooooooooooooooooove my homelend moroccooooooooooooooooooo

  11. sara de tanger

  12. do you think online networking can be an effevient means of political engagement please an answer

  13. sorry efficient

  14. 3lash ghadi ndirou tawra w7na 3ayshin mezyanin

  15. i love my country it”s the best

  16. step in step we can home wasn’t built in a day it’s will take a time we have to be patient in order realise our dreams but iam bit worried about the future

  17. i have a strong desire to excel we want to be the best gooooooooo maroc above the stars

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