It’s Not Your Business If We Kiss His Ass

January 12, 2012

In Egypt and Sudan female circumcision is still widely practised, in Tibet they still cut in pieces the death and throw them to the birds, in east Africa some tribes slice their phallus, in India they still burn widows alive, and in Kuwait men shake noses instead of shaking hands… Yet, no one finds it chocking and everyone says ‘’it’s cultural!’’ to stay politically correct! But when it comes to some Moroccan stupid old fashion general kissing the hand of the crowned prince, no one thinks it’s cultural and many Arabs start criticizing Moroccan internal affairs!

If I’ll meet the crowned prince Moulay El Hassan or even his father Mohamed VI, I don’t think I will kiss their hands, because I only postern to God who created me, but no one will cut my head or put me in prison for that! What other Arabs don’t understand or refuse to admit is that we are different and we have different traditions and histories, even if they cross so often. Therefore, it’s no one’s business what we do with our 12 centuries monarchy, and if some traditional or old school servants of the throne still want to show their allegiance to the royal family by kissing their hands, because they think it’s the way to show respect to the offsprings of prophet Mohamed, it’s up to us to judge them and not to you!

We have a proverb in Morocco that says ‘’wait until you have crossed the river and dried your feet to give advices’’. I will say the same proverb for my Arab readers, who just got out of their revolution and who still have wet feet in the mud of years and years of oppression, but who already became specialists in Arab world’s politics and start giving advices and exporting their experiences to countries which live in an entirely different context. Some of these people come from countries that didn’t exist on the map 50 years ago, others from places where my father is older than their monarchies, and most from countries to which Nasser exported his military socialist model 60 years ago. No need to say that it’s Nasser’s legacy hires who the people are revolting against today in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia etc because apparently the citizens of these countries realised that they prefer a civilian liberal rule rather than a pan-Arabist military one.

Now let’s take the Moroccan example. While Nasser and his clan were mocking our monarchy 60 years ago, we chose another path, a path of gradual democratic transitions, a liberal economy, structural adjustments, strategic partnerships with the West, and a reconciliation process which started long enough to start giving its fruits. Yes Hassan II was a hard father on us. Yes you can call him a dictator in regards to certain decisions he took. But, that clever king saved us historically from 60 years of ‘’ideological adolescence’’ if we had taken the Nasser path like everyone else in the region. And now in less than 15 years we had voted for a leftist government, a right wing government and now we are trying the Islamist model, all without any complex and in a mature transitional democratic process that we are internally very critical about!

I don’t pretend my country is perfect. I know better than anyone that it has its strengths and weaknesses. We have a young movement which is militating for constitutional and economic reforms called the 20th of February, which recently made things advance to the better and created a fresh dynamism in the relations between the castle and the elites. However, I don’t tolerate lesson givers who know nothing about our culture, politics and traditions except from Samira Said and the footballer Hadji, and I have one thing to tell them ‘’None of your business if we want to kiss our monarchy’s hands or asses!’’.

P.S: the video everyone is talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ2pn8_XT2M


  1. Kiss his ass yourself. I’m not a slave nor an idiot

  2. Denial.. rage.. acceptance..
    Three steps of accepting change.. seems you are still in denial, moving to rage.

  3. You have got a point here: no one oblige people to kiss the hands or the shoulder of the prince or those of the king. Nonetheless, I think we Moroccans need to be more critical and honest about our lateness. We once were compared to the four dragons, then to Turkey. All these countries are now developped while we’re not. We need to be more lucid. And one should always be thankful for pieces of advice, especially when coming from dear brothers who want the best for us. You said you can’t tolerate. Well, I think we all should to learn and to make progress.

    Samer, you remind me of “The Five Stages of Grief” by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. I find the use for acceptance of change interesting. It didn’t occure to me before.

  4. Ignorance … Denial …. Invalide argument … paradox.


  5. totally agree with u
    alllah alwatan almalik

  6. I’m pretty mettigated on this.
    Yes I agree with you, this is our “cuisine interne” and no one is supposed to give us lessons, especially not coming from countries that are actually worse than us “democratically speaking”… On the the other hand, everyone is entitled to critic, especially that they’ve got a point. Traditionalists or not, we are not slaves, and that’s what we are fighting for, the right to live in dignity and enjoy our freedom with respect to others.

  7. Good point, bad title.

  8. I believe in freedom of speech – and acts – as long is it does not harm other individuals. There are two cases , or two types of people considering this manner of kissing A .. hand sorry .

    If you agree to do that, you’re free to do so. And no one has the right to tell you not to do. You can kiss the hand or even the foot, if you think thats how you show respect.

    However; if you refuse to do it. Be certain that NO ONE will criticize you for shaking hands ! There are many many people (and even ministers) who shacked hands with the king. Those people never got harassed by the government. They still work and live just like any normal moroccan citizen.

    So, please do not get influenced by the media…In Morocco, you do NOT need an Arab Spring. Our revolution started when the arabs were still governed by those dictators. It started when the King M6 came to reign !



  9. Yes, We are moroccans and It’s not their business If we kiss even his as. It’s our culture to kiss the hand of our king and also every person older than us, Imam in the Masjid, Grand fathers….It’s our way to show respect. And no one will tell you why don’t you kiss the hand of the king or the prince?.

    Because what they don’t understand that it’s not mandatory.It’s the choice of people.
    We are proud to have M6 and prince Hassan III.Long life to Alaouite familly

  10. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion “free Moroccan”
    “Samer El Sahn” there are five stages not three and some even go for seven but for grief! Stage 1: Denial, Stage 2: Anger, Stage3: Bargaining, Stage 4: Depression and Stage 5: Acceptance. You are no specialist in the field. So please restrain yourself of judging anyone, and definitely don’t even think of judging a whole country.

    Kissing his hand, butt, feet or forehead is non of the business of anyone, it is one’s personal decision and no negative outcome happen if one refuses to kiss the crown prince hand or even the king’s hand.

    Don’t be blindfolded with wrong and imaginary ideas. The people who kissed the Crown Prince hand made their own decision under no pressure while there were people standing in same line who did not kiss his hand.

    People grow up!

  11. Allah yemskh-kom hssen manger de sa merde aussi

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