Moroccans Don’t Read The Coran!

April 27, 2008

According the latest investigation on Moroccans and Religious values, initiated by three famous Moroccan researchers: Mohamed El Aydi, Hassan Rachik, and Mohamed Tozy 60% of the Moroccan population have never read Coran before!
I wanted to share with you the outcomes of this research because I’ve found it very interesting, and I was personally choked to notice how incoherent Moroccans can be towards their religion. In fact only 5.6% of Moroccans read Coran everyday, 28.1% read it from time to time, and 58.9% have never read Coran. Well, I can situate my self with the 28%, but I couldn’t believe that even with our strict Islamic educational manuals which impose on us to learn by heart many Sourat and the traditional religious education in the countryside, 60% of the population still have never read their holy book. Probably the statistics are the same in a county like France regarding the bible-readers. Yet, France is a secular country whereas we are an Islamic county if we believe our constitution. Moreover, religious symbols are everywhere: mosques, clothing, education, Imarat Al Muminin…
In the same investigation, 40% of Moroccans think that even if you don’t fast during Ramadan you are still considered as Muslim. 57% disapprove mixed beaches, so maybe I’d better not go swim with a bikini this summer. 83% of the interviewed Moroccans think that women should wear a veil, so I really shouldn’t go swim with a bikini this summer. However, 84% of the population disapproves Takfiir! I feel released, because even if I swim with a bikini and even if most people wouldn’t like it but I would still be seen as a proper Muslim girl!
In addition, more than 99.9% of Moroccan thinks that Islam is the best religion ever and that there is an answer for everything in the Coran, starting from the social organization to the political, economic, and even technological matters. I just wonder why don’t they read Coran so often if there is an answer to everything in its pages? Well, maybe I should go read Coran right now to find an answer to this issue!


  1. I think these percentages you quote would be right in line with what you might find in Christian societies as to how many people have read the Bible, or how many might read it every day.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

  2. Sure my Dear. but the issue is, if these are the real figures, why wouldn’t we admit that we are a secular society and stop pretending to be proper muslims in a muslim kingdom! At least when you say in your constitution that it’s a secular country, people can still practice their beleives or not practice, but in religious countries like morocco you can go to prison if you don’t follow the islamic rules :°(

    • well agreed with admins comment, but as for mentioning it religious ..
      I know Morocco has magically beautiful traditions and culture, and is religious place, but at the same time, as for discussing peoples treatment with this aspect;don’t get me wrong I indeed love Morocco, but ,but ,but as for that, people are for in sexuality there, so it’s not quit islamic or something, you know it’s case of Zina

      • and yeah, support then for secular aspect, just accept the way it goes to be, I mean do what people want!..

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  4. The 60% of Moroccan who never read the Coran,IS BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO READ AND WRITE…they’re ILLETRATE! simply.
    Im A Moroccan im not muslim, but i like to read the Coran time to time.
    I think your blog is funny and well designed, even though i don’t agree with some articles that in my openion are exagerating like Darija has nothing to do with arabic! and people from middle east dont understand our Moroccan langauge HA! well, i have egyptian and soudi freinds who understand 100% when i talk Darija….im not ARAB, both of my parents are Amazigh, my grandmother don’t speak at all Arabic!

    • well that’s really hrrible thing to be heard if such a lot are illetrate!!?
      Let me ask you if you don’t mind, as I know moroccan berbers are muslims, aren’t you?

  5. they don’t read coran also because during their education it has been so hard on them to learn it! personally i don’t agree on imposing to learn huge surats at an early age! can be very frustrating! sure you can agree or disagree with me, it’s just some impressions i write! but still most of my arab friends don’t understand me unless they start paying some intrest to the language! and that’s what i say about doing some effort to understand me unstead of me doing an effort to understand their dialect!
    thx for your comment! it was very enlightening

    • yes exactly, because Coran contains hard texts, like according to it’s meaning and text structures
      you know it better then me, my dear

  6. I live in rarul area. I see how the kids are educated in homes and schools: to memorize, Obeying,
    and to repeat. rather learning to think, learning problem solve, be creative….

  7. you know what’s worse? it’s that we don’t don”t teach our kids critical thinking, and when in comes to coran it’s a taboo!

  8. let’s be realistic my friend, are you expecting illitrate people to teach their kids critical thinking?? and you know that half of our population is illitrate!
    2 months ago i was hiking in The Hight Atlas mountains. the first night i spent it in a Gite, in my second night i wanted to spend it with a Amazigh family…and that’s what happend. we were sitting around the tea, the parents and thier 5 children, i asked the older daughter how old she is? she replied : i don’t know! i estimated that she is between 17 – 19. then i knew she never been in school.. why? becouse there is no school in the village, and all the kids there have no schooling…
    im not talking here about the hard condition they are in, sanitary, water…
    So, what kind of future this country is going to have?

    • OMG!! my friend, this is indeed horrible for me to hear…
      Tell me what is your king for?
      As I knew Morocco is on better way with it’s economics and etc, also education..?

  9. it’s not up to the parents to teach critical thinking it’s up to the system! why ministers are getting paid why is the makhzane from top to down getting paid!!! answer: TO SERVE US! as longue as they don’t realize that and as longue that they still think them selves working to serve the land, the king, God or what ever we will be heading to abysus! no king no god no land without the people !!!

  10. I believe that Democracy comes from down to up not from up to down.

  11. ah bon! so tell me how? give solutions not words!!! i beieve in the power of words but words followed by action! what have you’ve done missy for these people you talk so well about? and don’t ask me what I do to my people because at least I work for change not only talk !
    down to up and up to down developement theories don’t work if yo have some notions on this only complementary developement works when all parts of the pyramid work at the same pace!
    I don’t like to argue on my blog because it can be misleading and I don’t wanna be someone I am not!

  12. rememebr that Coran is for everyone
    i have question ” in which thing you based to make this study”. i think that the number which you give is incorrect , i think that our coutry read coran and ts practice it

  13. I went through religious teaching and I hate it. The Koran, just the Bible is full of simple if not stupid stories that made no sense to me. The Koran was hard to read and made Allah look like he is real: bullshit!
    Allah, Mohamed, Jesus, and Moses are all no different than the boogy man, Santa, and the Big Bad Wolf.
    Religion worked before the Internet and the information age, religion allowed dictator to rule for centuries, it allowed some form of civil societies to exist in places where people were simple and can be potentially destructive, religion prevented many crimes and gave artificial peace to weak individuals. I am a Moroccan woman, and I no longer believe in Allah (Allah and Mohamed can kiss my butt, I hate religion because it is fake and the Koran is not worth the paper written on it.

    • benjamin you are hiding behind something??????????????????????????
      show you real u

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