Find Your Voice

April 17, 2008

Find Your Voice:
A Cross-Cultural Forum on Political Participation and Civic Activism

Rabat, Morocco
April 25-26, 2008
Americans for Informed Democracy (AID) and the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED), along with the Institut National de la Jeunesse et la Démocratie (INJD), are organizing a conference for youth leaders and youth activists in Morocco under the name of: “Find Your Voice: A Cross-Cultural Forum on Political Participation and Civic Activism.”

This two-day conference will be a multilingual dialogue on the necessity of youth mobilization in the political process and empowering emerging leaders in political parties and civil society. Bringing together Moroccan and American experts on media, political party participation, youth mobilization and citizen journalism, participants will engage the speakers in debate, hold small group discussions, and partake in youth mobilization workshops. The participants will also develop and ratify policy recommendations to be presented to government representatives.

Topics will include:

Space for youth in political parties
The role of civil society
Media and democracy
Youth mobilization through citizen journalism

The conference will take place in Rabat, Morocco from April 25-26, 2008. American and Moroccan students and young professionals are encouraged to apply. We seek an ideologically and geographically diverse group of participants. Space is limited, and up to 50 participants will be chosen by a competitive application process.

Lodging and most meals will be provided to participants. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the conference. A limited number of modest travel scholarships are available for highly qualified applicants.

For more information go to www.pomed.org or contact rabatconference@pomed.org.



  1. hi.
    justseen this blog.
    i like to see what happens with old ‘isiciens’, and find great that some1 makes a blog in english.
    by the way i´m moroccan, and studied audiovisual and journalism in spain. Livin in seville right now.
    i will be aware of your blog.
    best regards.

  2. Thanks Tarik,
    good luck in what you are doing , and please don’t hesitate if you need anything.


  3. Thanks, Sarah, for a wonderful blog and for your comment on mine. inshallah had l3am nshufu blogat m5yir b-darija!

    Sidi ROM

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